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We are carrying out "a lot crispy ☆ chocolate"♪

  • [March 29, 2018]
  • Hello, everybody! Kitchen charge toyodesu♪
    We are carrying out the "a lot crispy ☆ chocolate" making of now in space kitchen.

    February with milk chocolate taste, March and white chocolate taste during period in spring vacation
    It becomes and is carrying out white chocolate taste now.
    Photograph of white chocolate taste is this♪↓

    As we took photograph when we carried out milk chocolate taste of February,
    We are released.↓


    Using scales, we weigh chocolate♪


    We mix chocolate and cornflakes, almond which we dissolved and mix♪


    You divide into foil cup, and put‥


    It is completed if we finish with colorful topping!


    We took photograph every table. High cheese!


    Cheese high as for all of this table♪


    Two people of close sisters participating in sweets cooking well♪
    Krispy ☆Chocolate was completed cutely, too!

    It was fun! Child participating in this many times among enforcement organizations,
    We came to make again because it was delicious! There is child calling out to in this,
    Talk becomes lively and.

    Small friend who tells that we have not eaten white chocolate
    He/she may participate.
    To have you experience first "taste" and "fragrance" triggered by space kitchen!
    As far as we are glad. We think that the first cake which we cooked by oneself surely tastes special.

    So that many friends are used to smile by sweets cooking of kitchen♪

    "A lot crispy ☆ chocolate"
     We carry out on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until Sunday, April 8.
    Top page of homepage → Event → In page of space kitchen
    You can see schedule and time.
    On day when ticket of sweets cooking experience in space kitchen is sold out in the morning
    By information early the first-floor as for those who wish to participate as there is
    Please buy.

    We wait by BigBang!

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